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Genre/api/genrenoneget all genresGet all
Language/api/languagenoneget all genresGet all
Search/api/searchqsearch by querywhere keyword = Avenger
grsearch by genrewhere genre = Action
pssearch by personwhere person = Ernie Hudson
lgsearch by subtitles languagewhere subtitles contain English
pxsearch by prefixMovie start with "A"
pget page resultget Page 2 results
combinecombine paramWhere Keyword=Avenger and genre=Action and Language=English
movie/api/movieuidget movie detailsget movie info where UID="/avengers-endgame-2019"
subtitles/api/subtitlesuidsubtitles detailsget subtitles where UID="/avengers-social-club-2017/english-514479"