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Joseph Zito, Victor Miller, Sean S. Cunningham, Ron Kurz, Erich Anderson, Judie Aronson, Peter Barton, Kimberly Beck, Martin Kitrosser, Carol Watson, Barney Cohen, Bruce Hidemi Sakow

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter is a movie starring Erich Anderson, Judie Aronson, and Peter Barton. After being mortally wounded and taken to the morgue, murderer Jason Voorhees spontaneously revives and embarks on a killing...

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George Kennedy, Kimberly Beck, Bo Hopkins, Wings Hauser, Nico Mastorakis, Kirk Ellis

Nightmare at Noon is a movie starring Wings Hauser, Bo Hopkins, and George Kennedy. Scientists poison the water supply of a small town, turning the residents into homicidal maniacs who kill each other and anybody who passes through.

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