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Me Me Lai, Umberto Lenzi, Ivan Rassimov, Francesco Barilli, Prasitsak Singhara, Sulallewan Suxantat, Massimo D'Avak

Il paese del sesso selvaggio is a movie starring Ivan Rassimov, Me Me Lai, and Prasitsak Singhara. After a photographer is captured by a primitive tribe, his life is spared and he's accepted into the village after the chief's...

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Michael Elphick, Esmond Knight, Me Me Lai, Jerold Wells, Lars von Trier, Niels Vørsel, William Quarshie, Stephen Wakelam

Forbrydelsens element is a movie starring Michael Elphick, Esmond Knight, and Me Me Lai. A cop in a dystopian Europe investigates a serial killings suspect using controversial methods written by his now disgraced former mentor.

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French (3 years ago)
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